Palestine became member state of International Criminal Court

January 9, 2015

Palestine became the member of International Criminal Court. Wednesday on 7th January 2015 UN  confirmed the membership of Palestine into the criminal court. UN secretary general Ban-ki-Moon announced the new country will join the international tribunal from 1st April onwards. Palestine president Mahmoud Abbas signed a pact to join international criminal court. This pact is known as Rome statute. Earlier Palestine’s membership was discarded citing the reason of its not being a state. According to rules only states can join international criminal court. But in 2012 general assembly election it was accepted as a state.

The-International-criminal court

Why Palestine joined criminal court ?

Israel-Palestine conflict dates back to century. Reason for this in layman words can be described as a battle for supremacy over a holy land. Again Gaza strip has been a matter of concern. Since it is controlled by terrorist organisation. This led to heinous acts of genocide in the war torn territories. It claimed lives of 1400 civilians including 300 children.

Benefit of joining criminal court

Joining criminal court will give the Palestinian authority new and powerful  leverage to make Israel more compliant regarding withdrawal from the occupied territories.

About International criminal court

International criminal court is an intergovernmental organisation. situated in Hague, Netherlands. The ICC has the jurisdiction to prosecute individuals for the international crimes of genocides,crimes against humanity and war crimes. ICC began functioning in 1st July 2002. The ICC has four principal organs: the Presidency, the Judicial Divisions, the Office of the Prosecutor, and the Registry. The President is the most senior judge chosen by his or her peers in the Judicial Division, which hears cases before the Court. The Office of the Prosecutor is headed by the Prosecutor who investigates crimes and initiates proceedings before the Judicial Division. The Registry is headed by the Registrar and is charged with managing all the administrative functions of the ICC, including the headquarters, detention union, and public defense office.


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