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India Russia relation latest news 2014 – Putin’s visit to India

India Russia Relation 2014 During the cold war India and the Soviet Union (USSR) enjoyed a strong strategic military relationship. However after the collapse of USSR Russia stood as a long-standing partner of India. So India has maintained an amicable deplomatic relationship with Russia. On 11th December 2014 the Russian president Vladimir Putin came for […]

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The latest article on carbon tax news 2014 – useful info for upcoming exams

Carbon tax news story – a brief introduction. The carbon tax news has been doing the round for past few days. Recently Australia came to limelight by becoming the first country to abolish ‘Carbon Tax’. So we are giving a referential guide on carbon tax here. 1. Overview With the expansion of industry,plants and machinary […]

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Dear readers, Let us check out the list of new appointments made in the year 2014. 1) Minority Affairs Secretary – Arvind Mayaram 2) CEO of TATA-AIA life insurance company – Naveen Tahilyani 3) Head of Future Earth Engagement Committee – Jayram Ramesh 4) Maharastra Chief Minister – Devendra Fadnavis 5) Chairperson of Prasar Bharati […]

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Dear, readers, now competition has become a bit tougher than how it used to be few years before. Especially in General-Awareness you cannot take the risk of overlooking a small piece of information that cathches your eye. In depth study is the one solution to this. However it doesn’t mean questions don’t come directly in […]