Important Questions on National Games

February 8, 2015

Some Important Questions on National Games 2015

1. Who is the Goodwill Ambassador of 35th National Games ?

Ans – Sachin Tendulkar

2. What is the theme of this year’s event ?

Ans – Get Set Play

3. What is the name of the Mascot ?

Ans – Ammu (The great Indian hornbill. State bird of Kerala.)

4. Which team led the March Past of the athletes during the Opening Ceremony?

Ans – Services (By virtue of being the overall champions of the 34thNational Games held in Ranchi in 2011)

5. When was the last time Kerala hosted the National Games ?

Ans – 1987

Some questions on history of National Games

6. Who is regarded as the Father of National Games ?

Ans – D. Sondhi
He was the first chairperson of Punjab Olympic Association.

7. In which name were the National Games known earlier ?

Ans – Indian Olympics (before 1940s)
The first games under the name National Games were held in Bombay in 1940.

8. When and where did the first National games held ?

Ans – National Games were held in Bombay in 1940

9. Which city hosted the first post-independence National Games ?

Ans – Lucknow (in 1948)

10. The first edition of National Games was held in which year ?

Ans – 1924

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