Persons in news 2014 at International level

December 26, 2014

Now few more nights have been left to say good bye to 2014 and embrace 2015. However it kept us busy in collecting the track-records of this year’s newsmakers throughout the exam season. Our earlier post was all about the newsmakers within national boundary (Click Here to read the earlier post.). So in this post we are presenting you the persons in news at international level.

Persons in news – Ambassadors and Representatives

persons in news

1. Special representative of India to conduct boundary negotiations with China – Ajit Doval
2. UN probe panel on Gaza – KC Reddy
3. UN women goodwill ambassador for South Asia – Farhan Akhtar [He is the first male to be appointed as ambassador.]
4. US ambassador to Sweden – Ajitha Raji
5. UNICEF ambassador for southasia – Aamir Khan
6. China’s ambassador to India – Le Yucheng
7. Goodwill ambassador of UN women – Emma Watson
[She advocated for UN women’s He For She campaign in promoting gender equality.]
8. Russian ambassador to India – Alexader Kadakin
9. Ukrain ambassador to India – Oleksander Shevchenko
10. US science envoy – Arun Majumdar (Indo-American scientist)
11. UN mesenger of peace – Leonardo Di Caprio
12. US ambassador to India – Richard Rahul Verma

Presidents and Prime ministers

1. Prime minister Norway – Erna Stolberg [Recently in news due to President Pranab Mukherjee’s visit to Norway.]
2. Vietnam’s Prime minister – Tan Dung
3. Prime minister of Yemen – Khaled Bahah
4. Prime minister of Turkey – Ahmet Davutoglu
5. Prime minister of Thailand – Prayuth Chan Ocha
6. President of Turkey – Recep Tayyip Erdogan
7. President of Afganistan – Ashraf Ghani
8. Prime minister of Iran – Haider Al Abadi
9. President of Vietnam – Truong Tang Sang
10. New president of Uruguay – Tabare Vasquez [He won Uruguay’s presidential election on 1st Dec 2014.]
11. President of Finland – Sauli Niinisto
12. Prime minister of Mauritius – Anerood Jugnauth

Foreign ministers

1. Foreign minister of Germany – Frank Walter Steinmer [He visited India from 6th September to 8th september 2014.]
2. UK foreign minister – William Hague
3. French foreign minister – Laurent Fabius
4. Foreign minister of China – Wang Yi

Other Important persons in news 2014

1. President of European commission – Jean Claude Junker
2. Head of UN mission for Ebola emergency response (UNMEER) – Ismail Ould Cheikh
3. President of European union – Donald Tusk
4. Ebola Czar – Ron Clein
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