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Persons in news 2014 at International level

Now few more nights have been left to say good bye to 2014 and embrace 2015. However it kept us busy in collecting the track-records of this year’s newsmakers throughout the exam season. Our earlier post was all about the newsmakers within national boundary (Click Here to read the earlier post.). So in this post […]

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Ramon Magasaysay Award 2014-Current affairs

About the Award Considered as the nobel prize of Asia, it is named after the former Phillipines president Ramon Magasaysay. To remember his integrity in government, courageous service to people within a democratic society this award is given every year. The “Ramon Magasaysay award foundation” honours those persons having outstanding contribution to the society. Started […]

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Modi’s visit to Japan-Banking Manual

On 30th August 2014 prime minister Narendra Modi made his maiden visit to Japan. It was a 5 day official tour which concluded on 3rd september 2014. This was his 4th foreign visit after taking office on 26th May this year.The focus areas of this bilateral meeting were defence, trade and economy, science, research and […]

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What is an ARC – Asset Reconstruction Company?

The word asset reconstruction company is quite familiar in India. It is used mostly in banking sectors. An Asset reconstruction company  through a trust, buys stressed assets of banks and financial institutions at a discount, recover them, and earn a fee for managing the trust. In the article below read all you should know about […]

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What is fiscal deficit and how tax fraud causes fiscal deficit

Before knowing the Causes of Fiscal Deficit first we need to understand its definition and the concept given below. Fiscal Deficit In India taxation system acts as a major source of revenue for Govt. The revenue received in a financial year is utilised in budgetary allocation in the next fiscal. That means we pay tax […]

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India Russia relation latest news 2014 – Putin’s visit to India

India Russia Relation 2014 During the cold war India and the Soviet Union (USSR) enjoyed a strong strategic military relationship. However after the collapse of USSR Russia stood as a long-standing partner of India. So India has maintained an amicable deplomatic relationship with Russia. On 11th December 2014 the Russian president Vladimir Putin came for […]

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The latest article on carbon tax news 2014 – useful info for upcoming exams

Carbon tax news story – a brief introduction. The carbon tax news has been doing the round for past few days. Recently Australia came to limelight by becoming the first country to abolish ‘Carbon Tax’. So we are giving a referential guide on carbon tax here. 1. Overview With the expansion of industry,plants and machinary […]

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Important committees in news 2014 – for bank exam preparation

In 2014 many committees have been formed by government to address certain issues. These are related to banking, finance, suggestions and recomendations while framing a new law etc. We are providing the full list of those important committees in news in the post below. Important committees in banking and finance 1. Committee which framed guidelines […]

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Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award 2014 declared – 10 winners this year

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award 2014 was declared on 26th september. Ten eminent scientists were chosen this year for this prestigeous prize. Winners of  Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award 2014 1. Biological Sciences – Dr. Roop Mallik, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Mumbai). 2. Chemical Sciences – Dr. Kavirayani Ramakrishna Prasad, Indian Institute of Science (Bengaluru) and […]

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2014 G20 summit Brisbane – for collective economic growth

G20 summit 2014 was the 9th intergovernmental meeting of member countries. This year it was held in Brisbane, Australia and officially opened by Australian prime minister Tony Abott. In this edition of G20 summit six new countries were invited as guest countries. These nations are Mauritania, Myanmar, Newzealand, Senegal, Singapore and Spain. Highlights of G20 […]

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BOOKS AND AUTHORS 1. ‘Playing it My Way’: Author – Sachin Tendulkar & Boria Majumdar Note: Playing It My Way is the autobiography of former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. 2. Book Truth Always Prevails written by Sadruddin Hashwani 3. Half Girlfriend – written by Chetan Bhagat 4. The Narrow Road to the Deep North authored […]

Summits & International Affairs


Head-quarters and Chiefs of Important International organisations to remember. 1. International labour organisation (ILO) Headquarter-Geneva,Switzerland Guy Ryder 2. WHO (World Health Organisation) Headquarter-Geneva,Switzerland Margaret Chan 3. WIPO (world intellectual property Organisation) Headquarter-Geneva,Switzerland Francis Gurry 4. WMO (world meteorogical organisation) Headoffice-Geneva,Switzerland David Grimen and Michel Jarraud 5. WTO (World Trade Organisation) Headquarter-Geneva,Switzerland Roberto Azevedo 6. UNHCR […]

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After cabinet reshuffle, have a look at the complete list of Modi’s council of ministers and their respective constitutions. 1. Shri Rajnath Singh: Home Affairs minister Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) 2. Smt. Sushma Swaraj: External Affairs, Overseas Indian Affairs Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh) 3. Shri Arun Jaitley: Finance, Corporate Affairs, Information & Broadcasting (Gujrat) 4. Shri M. […]


Diesel Decontrol/Deregulation – Everything What You Should Know

DIESEL DECONTROL or DEREGULATION In the backdrop of steep decline in global oil price “Diesel Decontrol” has been a buzzword since past few days.After many permutation and combination govt finally decided to loose its regulatory grips from pricing of petroleum products with immediate effect from saturday midnight(18th oct) was the witness of this much awaited […]

Persons In News


Dear readers, Let us check out the list of new appointments made in the year 2014. 1) Minority Affairs Secretary – Arvind Mayaram 2) CEO of TATA-AIA life insurance company – Naveen Tahilyani 3) Head of Future Earth Engagement Committee – Jayram Ramesh 4) Maharastra Chief Minister – Devendra Fadnavis 5) Chairperson of Prasar Bharati […]

Important Days


SEPTEMBER 1. World Literacy day-8th sept 2. Himalaya diwas-9th sept 3. Hindi Diwas-14th sept 4. Engineers’ day-15th sept 5. International day for democracy-15th sept 6. International day for Ozone preservation-16th sept 7. Alzheimer’s day- 21st sept 8. Day for Peace and non-violence(UN)-21st sept 9. Roseday (Welfare of cancer patients)-22nd sept 10. Social justice day-25th sept […]



Lets see the complete list of awards given in the year 2014 sofar.complete list.  1. Goldman environment- Ramesh Agarwal (enviornmentalist) 2. Golden Peacock National training- Technopark business 3. IIFA Awards : Best picture- Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Best actress- Deepika Padukone Best actor- Farhan Akhtar Outstanding contribution to International cinema- John Travolta 4.Knight grand kross-Ratan tata […]

Summits & International Affairs


Dear, readers, now competition has become a bit tougher than how it used to be few years before. Especially in General-Awareness you cannot take the risk of overlooking a small piece of information that cathches your eye. In depth study is the one solution to this. However it doesn’t mean questions don’t come directly in […]