December 9, 2014


1. World Literacy day-8th sept
2. Himalaya diwas-9th sept
3. Hindi Diwas-14th sept
4. Engineers’ day-15th sept
5. International day for democracy-15th sept
6. International day for Ozone preservation-16th sept
7. Alzheimer’s day- 21st sept
8. Day for Peace and non-violence(UN)-21st sept
9. Roseday (Welfare of cancer patients)-22nd sept
10. Social justice day-25th sept
11. Antyodya Diwas-25th sept
12. Day of the deaf-26th sept
13. World Tourism day-27th sept
14. World rabbies day-28th sept
15. Gunners’ day-28th sept
16. World Heart day-29th sept
17. US-India partnership day-30th sept


1. International day of older persons-1st Oct
2. National volunatary Blood donation day-1st Oct
3. World Animal day-4th Oct
4. World Teacher’s day-5th Oct
5. World habitat day-6th Oct
6. (Indian)Airforce day-8th Oct
7. World post day-9th Oct
8. International day of girl child-11th Oct
9. Global Hand Washing day-15th Oct
10. World food day-16th Oct
11. International day for poverty eradication-17th Oct
12. International stammering day-22nd Oct
13. United nations day-24th Oct
14. World audio visual day-27th Oct
15. National Unity day-31st Oct


1. International day to end impunity for crimes against journalists- 2nd Nov
2. International day for preventing exploitation of environment in war and
armed conflict- 6th Nov
3. National cancer awareness day- 7th Nov
4. World science day- 10th Nov
5. National education day- 11th Nov
6. World kindness day-13th Nov
7. World diabetes day- 14th Nov
8. International day for tolerance and peace-16th Nov
9. National press day-16th Nov
10. World Toilet day-19th Nov
11. World fisheries day-21st Nov
12. International day for the elimination of violence against women-25th Nov
13. National milk day-26th Nov
14. Constitution day-26th Nov



  1. World AIDS day-1st Dec
  2. International day for abolition of slavery-2nd Dec
  3. World Computer literacy day-2nd Dec
  4. National pollution control day-2nd Dec
  5. International day for people with disabilities-3rd Dec
  6. International volunteer day-5th Dec

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