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What is NITI ayog ?

We determine to make first day of new year an important day in our life chapter. Everyone tries something different to make it memorable. So why should the new government will stay behind? Thats why on the very first day of 2015 Narendra Modi led NDA government marked the new beginning by replacing planning commission […]

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Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana-Banking Manual

Introduction Financial inclusion has been one of the greastest challenges India is facing for years. The term financial inclusion means ensuring economic accessibility to the weaker section of the society. Or we can say delivery of financial services at affordable costs to all the classes of the society. Be it lending to individuals, business groups […]

arcil an example of asset reconstruction company Articles

What is an ARC – Asset Reconstruction Company?

The word asset reconstruction company is quite familiar in India. It is used mostly in banking sectors. An Asset reconstruction company  through a trust, buys stressed assets of banks and financial institutions at a discount, recover them, and earn a fee for managing the trust. In the article below read all you should know about […]

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What is fiscal deficit and how tax fraud causes fiscal deficit

Before knowing the Causes of Fiscal Deficit first we need to understand its definition and the concept given below. Fiscal Deficit In India taxation system acts as a major source of revenue for Govt. The revenue received in a financial year is utilised in budgetary allocation in the next fiscal. That means we pay tax […]

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The latest article on carbon tax news 2014 – useful info for upcoming exams

Carbon tax news story – a brief introduction. The carbon tax news has been doing the round for past few days. Recently Australia came to limelight by becoming the first country to abolish ‘Carbon Tax’. So we are giving a referential guide on carbon tax here. 1. Overview With the expansion of industry,plants and machinary […]


Diesel Decontrol/Deregulation – Everything What You Should Know

DIESEL DECONTROL or DEREGULATION In the backdrop of steep decline in global oil price “Diesel Decontrol” has been a buzzword since past few days.After many permutation and combination govt finally decided to loose its regulatory grips from pricing of petroleum products with immediate effect from saturday midnight(18th oct) was the witness of this much awaited […]



A SHORT ESSAY ON PREDATORY PRICING Hello, friends from last few days Indian e-commerce market has shown remarkable growth by fulfilling customer demands upto satisfaction level.With new market players coming in to the arena cmpetition is increasing day by day.To remain on top these market player are adopting new strategies,plans and tactics everyday.One of those […]