Scientist Yu Min awarded State Preeminent science and technology award 2014

January 11, 2015

Chinese physicist Yu Min was conferred with State Preeminent science and technology award 2014. The 89 year old scientist was honored for his contribution in developing Cina’s Hydrogen bomb. He was given a cheque of $826000.Regarded as the father of China’s Hydrogen bomb Yu Min is the third 3rd nuclear scientist to be honored by this award. The other two scientists are Sun Jiadong (2010) and Cheng Kaijia (2013). At the award ceremony held in Beijing on Friday, Yu Min received the State Preeminent Science and Technology Award for 2014 from the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Who is Yu Min ?

yu Min - State Preeminent science and technology award 2014

Yu Min is a prominent figure in Chinese scientific fraternity An eminent nuclear physicist and academician from Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) was the main architect in developing China’s nuclear weapon. Min solved critical problems arising while designing nuclear weapon through scientific analysis. It  led to break through of hydrogen bomb.  It earned him reputation and the Hydrogen-bomb was called Yu Min design after his name. He also founded the Yu Min foundation to support scientific development in China. Before State Preeminent science and technology award Yu Min has another achievement to his name. It includes “Two bombs, one satellite achievement medal”.


State Preeminent science and technology award

The State Preeminent science and technology award is China’s highest honor given in the field of science and technology.It was first instituted in 2000. Every year two scientists are awarded for their ground breaking achievements in scientific and technological fields. The award recipients also include 7 foreign scientists and one foreign organisation. The award includes a cash prize worth 5 million-yuan (805200 US dollars), 10 percent of which is given to the awarded scientist. The first State Preeminent Science and Technology Award was given to Yuan Longping in 2000. So far, 25 Chinese scientists have won the award including Zhang Cunhao and Wu Liangyong.

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Last Updated On: January 11th, 2015

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