RBI Governer Raghuram Rajan honored by a British magazine

January 14, 2015

Reserve bank of India governor Raghuram rajan was honored by a British magazine for his excellent leadership quality and understanding root causes of economic problems. The British magazine Central Banking announced Dr. Raghuram Rajan as the Governor of the year in the Central Banking awards for 2015. The magazine also mentioned Dr. Rajan’s disciplined and focused approach in guiding the Reseve bank of India in his first year of leadership. The award will be presented on 12th March.

RBI raghuram rajan


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About Dr. Raghuram Rajan

Dr. Raghuram Rajan is a renowned economist famous for his prediction of 2008 global economic crisis. He held the post of Chief economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) during 2003-2007 period. Author of many economics books Dr. Rajan was also the professor of finance at the University of Chicago. Earlier he was the chief economic advisor to India in the ministry of finance. Later in 2013 he became the 23rd RBI governor.

Other Achievements

In 2003 he was awarded Fischer Black Prize. An award by American finance association for contributions to the theory of practice and finance. In 2013 he was awarded Deutsche Bank Prize for financial economics for ground-breaking research work that influenced financial and macro economic policies around the world. Euromoney magazine in 2014 declared him the Best central bank governor.

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